Stylish Light Oak Domed Mantle Clock with Batton Dial engraved for a special Birthday giftThis Pendulum Mantel Clock features an engraved pendulum with the name of the recipient, the Birthday Age and the Birthday Date all tastefully engraved in a mix of arced text and standard text.Personalisation Guidelines: We require the Recipient's Name, the Birthday Year (any) and Date (which will be engraved in abbreviated format).Dimensions: approx 24cm tall, 17.5cm wide and 7.5cm deep. Weighs approx 920 grams (unboxed).Other Info: operated by a single AA Battery - Not Supplied.

Personalised Any Birthday Oak Clock

  • As this is personalised to your requirements, we do not provide refunds unless the product is defective or incorreclty personalised by us.


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Created by The Queen of Hearts 2020