Digger themed children's gifts hold a timeless appeal so its no surprise that this little wooden money box is still such a big hit with kids of today - especially boys.Money Boxes and Piggy Banks come in all shapes and sizes and the quality can vary greatly. This particular Wooden Money Box is a sturdy little box that displays genuine cratmanship in its constructure.The base features runners and a sliding door to access the savings and is a refreshing change to the standard rubber bung which is often lost!Required Information for Personalisation:First NameDimensions: Approx 14cm length, 8cm width and 10cm height. Weighs approx 345grams - unboxed.

Digger Wooden Money Box (PTG)

  • As this is personalised to your requirements, we do not provide refunds unless the product is defective or incorreclty personalised by us.


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Created by The Queen of Hearts 2020