A 50th Birthday is one of those landmark Birthday's where a little more thought for the gifting occasion can go a long way towards a great response from the special woman in your life who is celebrating her 50th.This jewellery box is far from "run of the mill" and stands out as a quality jewellery box from first glance.The inside is lined throughout and as you can see from the images it has a ring tray with room for other trinkets as well as a pull out drawer.Required Information for Personalisation:Name of RecipientYour Personalised Jewellery Box measures approx 18cm in Length, 14cm in Depth and 11cm in height.

50th Birthday Personalised White Jewellery Box for Her

  • As this is personalised to your requirements, we do not provide refunds unless the product is defective or incorreclty personalised by us.


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Created by The Queen of Hearts 2020