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About Build-a-Teddy

Welcome to the world of stuffing your own teddy. Whatever your age or occasion, we are sure that you will enjoy one of the best interactive experiences in the Peterborough area.. You can even have a party...

First of all you need to fall in love with one of our selection of teddies and adopt them. We then provide you with fluffy cloud stuffing, which you need to plump up, ready to bring your teddy to life. Before you do, choose a heart and make a wish and then watch as your teddy takes shape. Don’t worry as its easy to seal, no stitching required!

To make your experience extra special, each teddy comes with an adoption certificate, give your new cuddly friend a name and say why they are so special.


Each teddy needs to have their own identity, so we stock a range of outfits, which suit your teddy and style. Don’t worry, you can buy lots of different outfits to suit all your teddies social occasions. To ensure your new BUILD-a-TEDDY makes its home, with all its outfits, we even give you a drawstring bag. 

If you intend to visit within 3 days of reading this, please call us on 01485534340. We will confirm availability or offer a suitable alternative time. Or feel free to drop in and see if we have space.
(wet weather and school holidays get busy)


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Created by The Queen of Hearts 2020